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“Once upon a time, in a country far, far away …”

Like most classic films, let’s begin at the beginning. It all started off with Pete’s romantic side, a trip to the showing of Breakfast at Tiffany’s at an outdoor cinema event in Melbourne, Australia, for his awesome girlfriend Abby.

The venue was perfect, the atmosphere was electric, but Pete forgot that Abby is more of a Die Hard devotee than an Audrey Hepburn aficionado. Film preferences aside, they both loved the event and thought it would be a great experience to bring back to Old Blighty….. The cinematic seed had been sown.

After nine months of planning, commitment and sleepless nights, it all came down to the all-important name selection – and Inflatable Flix was finally born.

The aim of Inflatable Flix is to spark audience interaction through themed nights, as well as bring communities together with showings in local parks, sports clubs and novelty indoor venues.

So it’s time to grab your friends, maybe even a picnic blanket, and head on down to one of our showings under the stars. Keep your eye on our events page too as you may need to dig out your flares, dust off your aviators and doll-up for one of our themed nights.

Enjoy the show. 

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